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IT Consultancy

Are you sure your IT is all working as efficiently as it could?  Do you ever get frustrated by the slow speed of your routine tasks?

Often as a business expands and develops, IT equipment and software gets added bit by bit, leading to bottlenecks and compatibility issues.

An audit from Halchax will start by talking to you about where your business systems need to be and then identify the lowest cost, most effective way of getting there.  We don’t simply pull in an off-the-shelf product, we devise bespoke solutions to meet your precise requirements only replacing the elements that need changing.  We will also consider the reliability and quality of your data back-up routine and can discuss new productivity enhancing software (for example, to enable staff working remotely to have full access to your server and share confidential files securely).

Our consultancy services can include:

  • A thorough audit and fault-finding investigation into your IT use
  • A written report analysing your current system and what is causing your problems
  • Recommendations with full details of the benefits of any recommended products
  • Full specification and costings for all new equipment to allow you to judge the cost effectiveness of any investment
  • An optional supply and installation service
  • Undertaking configuration/installation works as part of a larger team of consultants

To arrange a free, no obligation, consultation please call 0845 805 6519 or use one of the following:

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